Website Fixes

We Can Help

Technical issues can be frustrating.  Don’t waste time tearing your hair out over it.  Let us take a look.

We can identify and repair most problems quickly and save you the frustration and wasted time of doing it yourself.  Often we have seen an issue like yours before and can resolve it quickly.

We’ve been developing and maintaining websites for years, and we have been working with web technologies for a long time and can likely help you no matter what platform your website is using.

We support web designers, freelancers, and individual website owners so that you can get your issue resolved and complete your website projects on time.

Here we show just a few examples of fixes.  We work hard to get these done fast for you so that technical issues don’t hold you back.


Non WordPress issues


Fix WordPress white screen of death


Control panel settings


Hosting and DNS


Staging setup


Wordpress Install


Issues with Joomla, Drupal and more


Proprietary CMS issues


CSS changes


DNS issues


PHP interpreter issues


Plugin conflicts

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you fix non-Wordpress issues?

Yes, we help website owners and web developers with issues related to non-WordPress websites they may not be familiar with.

My issue isn't listed above can you still help?

Get in touch and we will definitely try.  We have years of experience with many types of web software and technologies and can likely help you with your problem.  If we can’t resolve your issue, it costs you nothing.

How long does it take?

Quick fixes are one time problems that we can fix for you in a short period of time. Most things we can fix within an hour.  For issues that take longer, we will let you know ahead of time how much we will charge you for the additional time.

How do I get support?

No matter if you are a monthly customer or needing a one-time fix done, you can reach us in a few ways:

Fill out our support request form

Use our on-site chatbot

How much does it cost?

The pricing of website fixes is $50 for the first hour and $120 for each additional hour.

You can get started by filling out our support request form.

Let's See if we're a good fit

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