Good Karma is Good Business

I believe that what goes around really does come around in all aspects of our lives — including business.

–Susie Arbouw

Susie Arbouw

Meet Susie

Hi, I’m Susie! Thank you for taking an interest in finding out a bit more about me! I am a full-stack developer with over 25 years of professional experience in technology who has a talent for fixing broken websites.

I’m in the website business because I love it. I’ve been working on websites since before the internet had pictures (remember BBS’s?…so, just me then). I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and website work has been my side-hustle for as long as web pages have existed.

I worked as a freelance web developer for years before I decided to take my side-hustle full-time in 2014 and open Karma Knot. In the competitive world of website maintenance and development, I am proud to stand out as someone who is honest, forthright, and works with the utmost integrity and desire to help. When I’m not out saving websites, I find my unplugged therapy in hiking.

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